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Enlighten Yoga Wheel & Joint Pad

Want to add to your practice? Tranquil Yogi has the products you need. Our beautiful and innovative Enlighten Yoga Wheel and our Joint Pad are on sale as a package and you should NOT wait!

  • Enlighten Yoga Wheel
  • Joint Pad
Tranquil Yogi

High Quality Products - Brought together

Enlighten Yoga Wheel

The Enlighten yoga wheel will let you comfortably stretch and strengthen your body. Use the wheel for deep back, shoulder, chest and hip stretches. Backbends are an absolute pleasure with this light yet sturdy wheel.

Joint Pad

The Tranquil Yogi Joint Pad is an ideal add on to your routine. The pad is big enough to place both knees on it shoulder width apart. Use it in your practice to protect your knees, elbows, head or any ware that needs that little bit of extra joint protection.
Innovative Products

Products that you can love and trust

Tranquil Yogi is the go to brand for discerning yogis looking for high quality, non-toxic and sustainable yoga products that they can use, trust and love without compromise. 

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