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Proper!!!! In all ways!
So im new to yoga, and there's alot to learn not only about the yoga practice but even about one's body. So I researched about yoga wheels for 3 weeks and all my searches came back to this wheel. So I took a chance & well ........ Research really does work! I choose right hands down my girlfriend that has been practicing Ashtanga yoga that has been using props like wheels for a long time and thought she loved her wheel until she tried mine. After 5 mins on my wheel she came off picked up her phone and ordered!!! Also on their main website they also sell their wheel guide book. Omg a must have!!!! They did it so AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!
Enlighten Yoga Wheel – Black Chakra
Enlighten Yoga Wheel
Expensive, but 100% worth it!
Love the bag. Wanted to buy it for a while, but the price stopped me from doing that. But to celebrate beginning of my YTT200 course - I finally bought one.
IT'S SO GOOD! Believe me. The materials, the design, 3 pockets (two with zipper and one open) - everything is just great, and obviously fits well my Tranquil Yogi heavy mat. LOVE IT! If you're into yoga for real - try it out, you won't regret!
Shine Yoga Bag
Yes, you will love it!
So I researched mats extensively before buying this. Have had a jade & a couple mandukas & was hesitant to buy this as there wasn’t that much info in the description(at the time of my purchase) but after looking at SO many ugly mats that *might* work this one caught my eye. High price tag with little info tho? I took the leap, and boy am I glad I did. This thing GRIPS. I wasn’t ever a fan of the smooth finish (one reviewer said she ran her fingers along it & knew it wouldn’t grip so returned it. Her loss there). I’ve used it in Ashtanga, vinyasa, hot flow & hot 26.
Perfect amount of cushion & yes it’s kinda heavy but that’s what straps are for. Not so heavy when it’s just on your back & it’s worth the haul. I legit have not slipped on it since I got it. Wet or dry. If anything it is *too* grippy. No problem changing my foot position just I feel I stick to it in the humidity when lying on my back. So I put a mini towel down under my back. But this is legit unparalleled grip. You aren’t gonna fall. The alignment strips are nice if you want that. Why .3 stars less? It takes a long while to dry- usually just hang it overnight (now) but never had to do that with my mandukas. But the grip is FAR superior. The bottom does attract dirt & folding it so the top only touches the top left a crease in the middle. But these are aesthetics. I’m absolutely in love with this mat regardless.
I’ve been practicing a decade & I really think this is it. Best mat I’ve ever owned & feels like it’s gonna last a long while.
Oasis Violet Yoga Mat
Oasis Yoga Mat
This mat will not slip!
I have spent 30+ years dealing with mats that are either somewhat or quite slippery. Having your hands slip in downward dog is really quite annoying.I was determined to find one that was not at all slippery and am thrilled to say that I have found it! This mat is heavier than most, but is definitely NON-SLIP, which is exactly what I was looking for. If you're looking for a non-skid mat, look no further!
Oasis Midnight Blue Yoga Mat
Oasis Yoga Mat
fancy head
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