In Trantra, there is a concept called Purnatva: Purna means fullness/perfection.  Tva means principle.

Purnatva is the principle and understanding that we are whole and complete.  That life is perfect as it is.  And it comes with the recognition that the Universe doesn’t make mistakes. And part of it’s expanding into itself became realized when it made YOU. That you are a beautiful representation of the perfection of the Universe and each moment is complete as it is.   And that we are all perfectly imperfect.

When we realize these truths, we remember that there is nothing outside of ourselves that we need to feel complete.  We do not need others to “complete us” (I wish that line from Jerry McGuire was eternally removed from our minds and from the movie). We do not need stuff (big houses, expensive cars, high level jobs, designer clothes) or people to complete us.  In fact, we are not defined by anything outside of ourselves. It does not make us better, more complete or happier.   If we believe that our wholeness is conditional on things outside of ourselves, we begin to lose trust in the abundant nature of the Universe and need to look for the next quick fix to feel complete (insert the vice of your habitual choice here).  

The teachings of Purnatva also wants you to be in a state of full love and acceptance, even when you are stressed, even when you showed up in a less than ideal way, even when you are feeling unmotivated.  It is easy to accept life when it is light, joyful and easy. Can you begin to accept life when you are in darkness and when it is not flowing the way you imagined?  Can you sit in the darkness and trust that light is on the other side (because it always is).  This is the work and these are the times that you can begin to lean into that part of yourself that is unbounded and infinite and recognize all of your feelings are welcomed and you can hold space for it all to flow through you rather than try to stuff it down and bury it deep in your unconscious (a whole other blog topic) or get consumed by that state of being.    It is just a moment, as the moments of joy are also just moments. Each moment is fleeting and changing and, when you accept your limitations rather than being stuck in the idea that they need to be different, you can begin to shift into the present moment with compassion and allow the next moment to reveal itself in its fullness.  With allowing comes acceptance of “it is what it is” in this moment and the consideration of a willingness to see your perspective in a way that allows you to accept and recognize this moment.  Then, you can ride the waves, relax into this moment, let go of the idea of perfection, feel this current moment and then, adjust you sails and flow into the next moment of fullness with ease, grace and strength.

Happy November. May you take time this month to soften into the darkness and bask in the fullness of that moment.

With Love


Diana Lockett is a writer, teacher, Yogini, Catalyst for Change, business and life coach and gratitude practitioner.  She empowers Leaders (and we are all Leaders of our lives) to awaken to the beauty and potential in their lives with the clear understanding that “Life is happening FOR me”.   She gets to practice gratitude daily with her coaching clients, her yoga students and her family. You can find out more about Diana at dianalockett.com