Use and Care of your Yoga Mat



All Mats

  • Roll your mat with the colour side OUT. This will extend the life of the surface. 
  • Don't let any sharp objects come in contact with your mat. Even small cuts or abrasions will eventually cause your mat to fail. 
  • Don't use any harsh detergents or chemicals on your yoga mat. 
  • Never fold or crease your mat, roll it up loosely, and use your Tranquil Yogi Yoga strap to keep it rolled and to carry it around. 
  • Do not use a hair dryer or leave your yoga mat near any type of heater.
  • Try to avoid letting any pigments such as ink or lipstick stain your mat.  

Cork Mat

  • Cleaning the top (cork side) of the mat is recommended once a week with normal practice. If used daily or for hot yoga clean the cork after every practice. This helps prevent body’s oils from building up and keeps the mat looking and smelling fresh. Use a damp cloth and wipe down your mat. 
  • Use an unseated detergent or a diluted vinegar mixture (maybe with a drop of tea tree or lemon essential oil) to clean off the build up of body oils. Scrub gently with a clean cloth until you see the buildup come off.
  • Your cork mat will naturally repel any bacteria due to the nature of the materials.


Rubber Mats (Oasis Mats)

  • Avoid using any acidic products on your mat (including Vinegar, Lemon
    Charcoal Oasis Amazing Grip natural rubber yoga mat
  • Clean your rubber yoga mat using a soft damp cloth and a diluted unscented light detergent. Essential oils can also be added to the cleaning solution. 
  • Store in a cool ventilated place with temperatures under 50C. Please do not leave the mat in the sun, exposure to UV radiation is not recommended as it will break down the rubber surface.