Hi!! I just wanted to let you know the wheel delivered today and it so much more beautiful than I thought it was going to be... I LOVE it!!!!! Thank you so much!!!

Melanie W, North Carolina

I have now had this Mat for two weeks. I’ve used it every day and it is the best Mat I have ever had. Seriously, everybody needs to have one of these mats!”

Jason S, Mississauga ON

“When I tried this mat, I felt like I had a whole new body, it is amazing”

Grace A, Bolton, ON

“This mat is $&$@&! Fabulous! I sweat a lot and this mat is amazing both wet and dry… sweat doesn’t pool and the mat is SOOO grippy! I don’t ever move on this mat! Words like fabulous, awesome and amazing come to mind.”

Maria M, Mississauga, Ontario

“Once I tried the mat, I knew I needed to own one. I am so happy now! I got the Tranquility Cork mat for me, one for my wife and several more for friends and family”

Brian S, Mississauga, Ontario

“This mat is awesome! Feels very substantial. It is perfect for hot or room temperature yoga. I really like how thick it is...like it would be kind to your joints long term. I also really liked the lines/logo, gave a bit of an alignment visual. I think you have a great product!”

Pam W, Hamilton, Ontario