About Us

At Tranquil Yogi, we strive to be so much more than just a “retailer” of Yoga products. Our purpose as a company is to provide Yogis with high quality, useful, and comfortable products that are naturally and sustainably sourced. We offer yoga products like cork and rubber mats, wheels and blocks.

Team at Tranquil YogiTranquil Yogi is about community, giving back and caring for the environment. Our Vision is to support initiatives that support the growth and nurturing of the yoga community. This can take many forms including supporting community classes, running workshops, granting scholarships to community minded Yogis, assist with yoga teacher training for people who need a hand up, and involve ourselves in other suitable outreach opportunities, as and when they present themselves. 

Tranquil Yogi is proud to be part of a new breed of “Community Companies”. We welcome partnerships from anyone wanting to make a difference for and through the Yoga community. Anyone with an idea, product or service that can serve and benefit the Yoga community can is encouraged to come forward and present their offering. Bring us your ideas and we shall certainly review them and get back to you. While we may not always be able to extend an opportunity to all of your ideas, we promise to consider it again in due time, as we grow and as we are able to support more and more initiatives. 

Product philosophy at Tranquil Yogi

Environmental consciousness and customer comfort are at the forefront of our product philosophy. Our products are biodegradable, devoid of toxic materials and fully sourced from Mother Nature.

There’s absolutely no compromise on product performance, durability, comfort or safety either. At Tranquil Yogi, we make it our responsibility to provide products with comfort and durability, while still staying true to the environment, supporting our many communities and giving back.

At Tranquil Yogi, nothing will make us happier than the growing presence of Yoga and the goodness it can bring to Yogis who practice it, anywhere and everywhere in the world.