Fighting to Hold On

Welcome to Kasia, our first guest post contributor in the Tranquil Community Blog. Among other things, Kasia is a poet. She writes about things that explode out of her heart.

I think we can all relate to this poem... when we push ourselves to our limits and beyond.. realizing there is another limit to find.. and yet another after that.

...that moment when my heart is clenching, fighting to hold on, squeezing on to the last bubble of the inhale...and I feel it will explode through the front of my chest. My arms are burning, my thighs are on fire, my wrists screaming to let go more press for the 30th time, my eyes now shutting their lids as the lashes hide in between them. My body trembles, I feel the electrifying wave flush through it and the dam shatters invisible to all

...and I melt into the ground beneath me, surrounded by the 4 corners of protection and love. It becomes so clear, I finally see the truth, the lesson

...with the aches of my soul being cleansed by the saltiness of perspiration and tears. I let it out. I let go. I release. Quiet sets in...and my breath finds me once again

Always remember that you can always find solace on your mat. Enjoy pushing past your limits and finding new ones.. and love your mat.. as your safe place, your oasis, your tranquility and your serenity.

About the Author.

Kasia has an extensive relationship with movement of the body, being a dancer for 15 years and practising yoga was a natural progression to continue moving and be active.  Throughout her practice Kasia found she always rooted back to yoga for clarity, balance and calmness of the mind and soul.
Kasia is a Yoga Teacher.  She is passionate about motivating, sharing and inspiring others, and loves being able to help heal her students physically and spiritually, as yoga continually does this for her.  Find out more about Kasia here and her spa here