Tranquil Yogi Launches

15 May, 2017

Tranquil Yogi, a new community based Yoga Company is so excited to launch our online store with some very compelling products. We are launching with some high quality products including the following; 

1. Tranquility: Every Day 

This is our 5mm version of our popular all natural cork and rubber yoga mat. This mat is naturally anti-microbial, non slip and is firm and very comfortable.
Coming soon is the Tranquily: Traveller.. the 3mm version of this mat. 

2. Serenity: Every Day 

The Serenity series is our all natural rubber yoga mat. You will not find a surface that will hold you in place more effectively than the Serenity. It doesn't matter if you are dry, sweaty or somewhere in between, the Serenity will make sure you are taken care of. The Serenity Every Day is our 5mm version of the Serenity. 
Coming soon.. The Serenity: Traveller... our 3mm version of this mat. 

3. Support Series

The support series of yoga accessories including 4 awesome products: 
  • Yoga Wheel - Cork and Rubber 
  • 3"x6"x9" Cork Yoga Block
  • 4"x6"x9" Cork Yoga Block
  • Combo Yoga Strap and Mat carrier 

Check out the website and find out more

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