Yoga Doesn't have to be Hard!

Tired, frustrated woman looking for help in yoga - Photo Credit Kristopher Roller

Do you find that your yoga practice is dragging a bit? Are you discouraged and having trouble staying motivated?  We at Tranquil Yogi never want yoga to become a burden, because it can actually be easier than you might think.

Here are a few tips to make your yoga sessions exciting again:


If you’re finding pulling out a mat and watching a YouTube video for yoga being more detrimental to your practice rather than beneficial, then maybe it’s time to bring your practice to your local yoga studio. Classes not only give the perfect vibe for practicing yoga, but it also gives you access to a community of other yogis to motivate you to continue! Ask your local studio for a class at your level.. whether relaxing, moderate or intense. 


Yoga can look daunting when we are inundated with pictures of complicated poses, but don’t let that stop you from doing your practice! You should take yoga at your own pace, never push yourself to do anything you aren't comfortable with! Whether it going to a beginner class, or doing yoga once a week from your home with a good YouTube video. You can go as slow as you need to. With consistency, you’ll eventually be able to achieve those intimidating poses as well! 


Maybe what you need is some yoga equipment that you really love. You can add some enjoyment to your practice by purchasing a brand new mat in a colour or design that excites you. This could help motivate you to take it our more and use it! At Tranquil Yogi, we have a variety of yoga products to help with this. Our cork and rubber mats provide a unique and intriguing design and their great grip will be sure to help you as a yogi! 


Woman Meditating - Yoga, photo credit Samuel SilitongaIs your weekly Monday morning yoga class starting to get a little boring? Maybe doing yoga has suddenly become something you dread rather than something that excites you. There are literally hundreds of different practices, Try out new classes, new styles.. check out Power, Vinyasa, Kriya, Ashtanga, restorative, chair yoga or a myriad of other choices. The great thing about the yoga community is the diversity in how you can go about your practice. There are yoga studios that have classes that change almost every day. You can focus on your arm, abs, meditation, or you can work on gratitude,  learning to love your body. There are so many ways to make your yoga experience exhilarating and new!

Stay focused on your yoga journey. It doesn’t need to be difficult. Your body will definitely thank you!

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