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Yoga Mat, stress, end of summer, tranquil yogi, yoga products September has arrived, and with it, the impending stress and anxiety of returning back to school. But, this school year doesn’t need to be filled with misery. Here are a few reasons why you will want to add yoga to your timetable this semester!


One of the most popular reasons for doing yoga is the benefit of eliminating the overwhelming stress that comes with assignments and exams. Learning how to breathe deeply and relax your body will lower your stress levels and help you to have a peaceful school year. Stress releases a hormone in the brain called cortisol. Cortisol has been linked to weight gain, flushed face, mood swings, fatigue, increased urination, weaker bones and decreased immunity. Yoga will help reduce cortisol levels. 


Yoga is also great way to help with concentration. As a student or a teacher, staying focused in lectures and classes can be daunting to do, but by adding some yoga in your day, it’ll help calm the mind and help you focus for school. Gaining better concentration will do wonders for your grades!


Just like any other fitness plan, doing yoga on a consistent basis will help in weight loss. It’s important for us to treat our bodies kindly, and take great care of it. Coupling yoga with a healthy lifestyle during this semester will promote a healthy body. You’ll be sure to see a difference in your body through its weight loss and muscle gain!


Working out is a great way to increase the blood flow throughout your body which helps your body move more blood and oxygen all throughout. If you’re keeping up with your yoga, you’ll feel a spike in your energy levels, giving you the boost you need when you have to spend hours studying!


Starting a yoga journey alone can be a little unsettling. Attending yoga classes and finding other fellow yogis to support and encourage you during your practice will help you stay motivated and consistent! It’ll even make yoga just a little more fun!

Are you unsure of where to go to start your yoga journey? Check out your school’s gym, or even sign up for classes at your local community centre! Reap the benefits that yoga will grant you this school year! ☺  Tell your friends to do it with you... get them to sign up for the tranquil yogi newsletter at tranquilyogi.com/newsletter-signup


Tranquil Yogi is a company focused on producing high quality natural and sustainable products for the yoga community, promoting the benefits of yoga and supporting the yoga community. To find out about our values, our goals and our products, check out tranquilyogi.com.. Sign up for our newsletter at tranquilyogi.com/newsletter-signup

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