Yes, that’s right, we’re talking about sweat! We here at Tranquil Yogi are firm believers in making sure you get a good sweat from your yoga workouts and that your yoga gear is ready to handle it :).

Why sweat? Though sweating can feel gross, the benefits that come behind sweating will make you want to make your yoga workouts a little more perspiry. Sweating is a great way to clear out your pores that cause pimples and other unwanted blemishes on your face. Raising your body temperature can also help to prevent colds and infections and fight against viruses and bacteria. A good sweat even helps to lower your stress hormones while boosting your endorphin levels! If you want to achieve a healthy body and mind, it is important to get your body sweating!

Here are a few ways to add a little more sweat to your yoga time! 


You can participate in a hot yoga class to help you sweat even when you’re doing slow movements or stretches. If you can’t go to a class, consider going outside underneath the warm summer sun to help you sweat as you do your poses (make sure you’re safe and not overheating yourself!).


If the heat isn’t your thing, adding weights to your yoga poses will get the body working harder and heat up faster, which will get those sweat glands working to cool you down. 


And finally, no matter what your yoga class is like, you can build your intensity and start sweating more in your yoga practice just by simple intensification of your existing yoga poses. You can achieve this by pushing your body further (safely) in stretches or poses and holding poses longer to engage and work your muscles (More on this in a future post). Another awesome way to increase intensity is making use of yoga accessories, such as Tranquil Yogi’s Yoga Wheel: that will get your body working a little harder than usual! 

For your next yoga class or yoga session, strive for a sweaty workout and keep your body healthy! Here are some quick tips for those sweaty sessions:

  1. 1.Have lots of water – Sweat is 98% water, so be sure to rehydrate your body after a workout!
  2. 2.Have a towel handy – For the annoying sweat going down your face!
  3. 3.Be safe – Don’t push your body beyond what it can handle!
  4. 4.Have your non-slip, Tranquil Yogi Mat – Your sweat won’t be a problem when it hits your mat!

Happy sweating!


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