Summer of Yoga

Its summer time! With that warm summer sun, and nature in full bloom, it’s the perfect opportunity to take advantage and bring your yoga mat outside. Here are a few ways you can get the most out of your yoga practice this summer season!


There are multiple benefits to spending your time out in the sun during a yoga workout.

  1. The heat can make yoga easier –The sheer warmth from the sun helps to relax your muscles, which can help make it a little easier to do your poses or stretches.
  2. Health boost – The sun helps your skin to create vitamin D, which helps with the absorption of important minerals (such as calcium and magnesium). Also, the sweat you get from the heat helps to detoxify your body!
  3. Scenic benefit - In Canada, much of the US and in Europe, often the spring, fall and winter are too cold to go out in the early mornings and late evenings, but the summer time lets you enjoy the beautiful sunrises and sunsets that the summer has to offer. 


If you’re a fan of the outdoors, choose to submerge yourself in the fresh air of the summer wind while you practice your yoga in a forest or up in the mountains. (Remember to bring your Tranquil Yogi Mat with you. With its 100% natural material, you’ll feel great that you helped the environment with your purchase)

Also, if there’s water near you, take that opportunity to enjoy the peaceful sound of the water hitting the shore at the beach. You can even be adventurous and do your yoga on the water! 


Yoga is always a fun time when you get your friends involved. Invite them to beach yoga parties, yoga in the backyard, or even yoga at the park! The possibilities for enjoying yoga with your friends are endless. 

This summer, if you find yourself indoors doing your yoga, consider taking your mat outside for a change to really soak up the summer while it lasts!

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