Benefits of Yoga

girl doing yoga

Yoga provides the regular or intermittent practitioner with a number of benefits. Yoga has the ability to bring about the peace of mind, physical healing and  physical benefits. I personally have experienced significant benefits, some of which I detail below. I totally encourage you to develop a regular yoga practice so that you can achieve these benefits as well.

foot on sand


One obvious yoga benefit is flexibility. Over time one can develop a much deeper connection to the body, constantly finding new limits. Keep doing yoga to see how flexible you can get. This can be hard for beginners, but once you have spent some time doing yoga, you will see the results for yourself. The postures you thought you will never be able to do, will become easier. Maybe even you can will be able to touch your toes :) 

Muscle Building

Strength is not about looking good. Our bodies are designed in balance and when you build up your muscles you may find yourself released from chronic issues such as back pain and other conditions including arthritis. It is beneficial to approach exercise in an holistic way through yoga rather than just focusing on just one aspect of exercise only. Lifting weights at the gym, running, cycling or playing basketball are all great. Yoga offers a more balanced approach that will work the entire body in harmony. It isn’t about looking good, but that is a nice side benefit.

Strong Joints

Your joints go through a motion each time you practice yoga. As you continue to work your joints, you may find a reduction in joint pain and cartilage problems. Find a yoga class that fits your desire for your body. You will find yoga to be therapeutic and supportive of your joints. Many other exercises (running for example) can be hard on the joints.. use yoga to build up strength and mobility in your joings. 

Protection of Your Spine

Each part of our body can be targeted by a good yoga instructor. In our yoga studio we say that healing is done through targeting strength and flexability for each part of the body. The back is no exception. Through backbends, muscle building and core work you can not only strengthen your back, but you can heal years of neglect that comes from living in our modern world where we sit at a desk, behind the wheel and take pills for back pain rather than solving the root cause.

Healthy Bones

It is a well-known fact that yoga strengthens your bones. There are many postures in which you have to lift your weight, these postures give strength to your bones and helps you to build and maintain your calcium.

Blood Flow

Yoga also increases your blood flow. It makes the circulation better in your body. Your cells will  function better due to increased oxygen levels as well as increased levels of red blood cells and haemoglobin. Along with healthy eating, yoga can be a great way to prevent heart disease or stroke.

Good Night Sleep 

Another benefit of yoga which I have seen in my students is the great night sleep after taking a yoga class. Once you are comfortable in practicing yoga daily, you will see that you are able to sleep better because you will be less stressed and tired. Yoga provides a kind of relief to your body and nervous system. Plus, who hasn’t fallen asleep at least once in savasana? 

Peace of Your Mind

Lastly, it helps on slowing down your frustration, anger and other forms of stress which can cause many health disorders and problems. After learning the trick to calm your mind, you will be able to live a healthy and happier life.

So, what do we get if we really throw ourselves into a regular yoga practice? Throw in some mindful eating, meditation.. you may find yourself making better choices every day. If you are planning to do yoga daily, this will help you burn calories and you will benefit from a healthy lifestyle. Feeling good, eating right and seeing the changes in your body, mind and relationship with the world around you. Yoga practice not only give you physical benefits, but it also helps you heal spiritually, emotionally and find new connections with people in your life.